Summer has arrived!

After a wishy washy spring, summer is finally here with wind and weather perfectly suited to the Duen. Our 83 year old wooden ship was built for the north sea and we got a taste of some conditions that were far from glass smooth, but comfortable none the less!

Captain Ryan piloted the Duen out to calm water across the harbour and First Mate Cam went to work raising sails. With more than 20 knots of wind we had plenty of power with the stay sail and the mizen. After the sails were up in the little bay we sheltered in, we turned around and scooted home with a following sea and a little surfing on the waves. Our group was primarily made up of two family groups, one from Eastern Canada and one from Prague. The Dad and one of the sons got out on the bowsprit and ended up getting a little wet - they loved it.

Docking in the strong wind was a bit of a challenge and the crew of the Duen handled it with no problem whatsoever. While the 55 ton ship was being backed into the slip, First Mate Cam took to the zodiac support boat and used it as a tug boat to control the bow and ease it into the slip. A very impressive display of seamanship!