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Duen Sailing Adventures grew from the challenge to demonstrate that environmental protection and cultural respect can be compatible with running a successful marine tour business on Canada's West Coast. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to create viable economic alternatives, which give value to ecological and cultural richness. We believe one of the best ways of conserving an area is by taking a limited number of people to experience and explore its magic first-hand.

Our day trips give hundreds of people a taste of the environment of the Pacific Northwest, our excursions give many more an immersive experience. On any outing, we make sure the crew brings a wealth of knowledge to each trip. They are chosen because they are skillful individuals having common interests.

captain at helm

Michael Hobbis

Co-owner/Director & Captain

Michael has been dedicated to environmental education and the seafaring life for over 40 years. As captain, his safety record as a mariner entrusted with lives at sea is outstanding. His wide-ranging experience includes participating in the development of Outward Bound Canada's first marine challenge program in British Columbia, and as a faculty member along with the SV Duen, managing the Lester B. Pearson United World College Coastwatch program for 7 years. He has successfully sailed thousands of miles offshore while navigating to anchorage of over 30 countries. Michael's passion for the sea, dedication to service, and commitment to the environment has earned him a solid reputation as a mariner with integrity. He has a relaxed and easy-going nature and loves to share his experience and understanding of life and sail with those around him. Michael likes to welcome guests onboard as though they were arriving home and aims to see them on their way as friends.

woman at sea

Manon Hobbis

Co-owner/Managing Director

Manon grew up South of Montreal. At the young age of 18 her adventurous spirit led her to the remote, wild North West Coast of Nootka island where she homesteaded for 7 years. While searching for more sea adventures, she met Michael in 1985. With their combined experiences, passion for the sea, along with Manon's knowledge of French they joined a fleet of tall ships offering a youth program along the East Coast of Canada. In 1986 together they became owners of the heritage Sailing Vessel Duen, and launched Duen Sailing Adventures Inc. In 1987 Manon joined Duen’s 7,500 nautical miles journey from the North Atlantic, Panama, Galapagos and Hawaii bringing Duen back to their home waters of the Pacific Northwest. As Duen’s company: aka The Natural Coast ® grew while starting a family, Manon became more involved behind the scene with marketing, bookkeeping and managing the office. You will find her either busy at the home office or lending a hand with keeping Duen proud! Michael describes Manon as a gifted multi-tasker!

sailor working ropes

Ryan Karakai

Crew/Upcoming Captain

Ryan grew up in Brentwood Bay BC. His passion for traditionally rigged sailing ships took him on numerous tall ship adventures in Canada, the US, and Europe. He worked aboard The brig Lady Washington, Schooners, Pride of Baltimore 2, the Gulden Leeuw, and the brigantine Fair Jeanne. These experiences led him in France becoming watch leader aboard the largest wooden replica ship still actively sailing. Aboard Hermione, a 65 meter long, 1100 ton faithful replica of a French Concorde class Frigate of 1779, Ryan helped train many of the new volunteer crew and sailed down the coast of France and into the Mediterranean in 2018 to take part in tall ship festivals in the south of France.

In 2016 he joined Duens crew: her traditional Gaff rig was a perfect fit for him! Ryan's easy going personality combined with his love of traditional sailing vessels and unfailing dedication has been an invaluable asset as a crew member!

He studied at western Maritime institute and got his 150 ton Chief Mate license with transport Canada and is aiming for a 60 ton license so he can become a captain for Duen.

In his own words: “I love the immediacy of life at sea, the constant connection and adaptation to the elements that keeps you active and living in the moment.”

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