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Sailing the Gulf Islands – 2-5 day trips.

The Gulf Islands are considered by many sailors to have some of the best cruising on the west coast of North America. Late spring and fall are the ideal time of year to visit; summer crowds are absent and the weather is generally mild and gentle. Our voyages focus on the many marine parks among the islands. You will be sailing the many scenic channels and visiting hidden bays and inlets among the islands of the archipelago.

Frequented by the critically endangered Southern Resident Orca Whales, the Gulf Islands are a rich feeding ground for all marine birds and mammals. We expect encounters with Dall‘s porpoise, harbour seals, two species of sea lion, and perhaps orcas or minke whales. Bird watchers can expect to see many species of birds - bald eagles, auklets, murrelets, cormorants, phalaropes, and various species of gulls.


Your trip activities will vary depending on length and departure location but generally, you will be sailing during the day, going ashore frequently to explore, and spending each night at anchor. There are lovely quiet anchorages; often with trails for an evening or early morning walks ashore.

The sheltered waters made these islands a favorite wintering site for Coast Salish native people. Throughout the islands there are native rock carvings (petroglyphs) and hundreds of archaeological sites.

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