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Cruising into summer!

Category: News

As we approach a summer season in Victoria the Duen is hard at work finishing off her last ten days of student excursions in the southern gulf islands. The Duen is currently completing her last two outings and is scheduled to be “on the hard” from the 11th to the 18th of June for it's annual inspection.

Victoria Classic Boat Festival

Category: News

The Victoria Classic Boat Festival is a time-honored tradition that embodies the joy of embracing the past, celebrating maritime heritage, and fostering a sense of community among all who attend.

Canada Day in Victoria BC

Category: News

Canada Day in Victoria, BC, is a vibrant and festive celebration, and combining it with a sailing adventure on a heritage sailing ship makes for a truly enjoyable experience. 

The "off" season...

Category: News

Maintaining a 84 year old wooden sailboat comes with a variety of challenges, including a very detailed inspection by Transport Canada. Captain Mike explains what The Duen is subjected to in the "off season" to keep it ship shape.

man on bow of ship

Destination Greater Victoria

Category: News

Over the past year, we have been welcoming many locals aboard the Duen as our out of town guests are thwarted by the pandemic to come to our city in great numbers. We are truly grateful for the support from Victoria businesses, Vancouver Island residents who have literally “kept us afloat” over the last 18 months.

man catching drone on ship

Taking The Duen On A Photoshoot

Category: News

Here at the 3 hour sail we are working on upgrading our online presence with professional photography, video and even hired a drone videographer! The big day was scheduled, and we crossed our fingers for good weather.

yachting world

Featured in Yachting World.

Categories: News, Media


“I cannot think of a better example of a happy cruising family than that of the crew of Duen. Among the many cruising people I have met, Dottie and Albert Fletcher’s boat have been among the most remarkable.”

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