Traveling to Victoria, BC

Victoria is located at the Southern tip of Vancouver Island, and is visited by over three million travellers each year. As with many cities, the busiest time is the sunny summer months, because Victoria has so much to offer in the way of outdoor adventures and tourist destinations.


It’s beautiful! Whatever you’re into, Victoria has something to capture your attention.


This is an island, so naturally we are surrounded by beaches. Victoria has some of the most beautiful beaches around, located at oceans and lakes, and from intimate to expansive. There are many  beaches that you can hike to, and others that are just a stone’s throw away from the parking lot or the road.


The weather in Victoria is surprisingly mild, all year round. We don’t have extreme weather fluctuations. During the warmest months the temperature sits somewhere in the mid 20’s, and even on the hottest days you will usually find that there is a perfect breeze running through the city to help keep you cool. Victoria gets significantly less rain than our neighbouring city of Vancouver, and we rarely get snow during the winter months.


If you like to get around on two wheels then you will feel right at home in Victoria. A large portion of the city travels by bike, whether for leisure, commuting to and from work, or for work purposes. The city is very accommodating for bikers and you will find that many of the streets also have bike lanes, so you don’t have to ride too close to the cars.


Downtown Victoria is home to many unique and beautiful boutique stores if you like to shop. There are specialty stores of many kinds, whether you’re looking for fashion, natural skin care items, or something outdoorsy. Foodies will fall in love with Victoria as there are so many delicious restaurants,many of whom prepare locally grown, and quaint cafe’s serving some of the best locally roasted coffee.


It depends where you are coming from; there are many entrance points to the lovely capital of BC.

From Vancouver or the mainland of BC, you will need to hop on one of the BC Ferries. They run multiple times a day, and the trip is usually one hour and thirty five minutes from one dock to the other. From there you will have about a thirty minute drive into downtown Victoria. There are seaplanes and helicopters that transport passengers between the two cities as well.

From The U.S, there is the Black Ball Ferry service runs between Port Angeles and the downtown Inner Harbour (where you’ll find A 3 Hour Sail). This ferry usually runs twice a day and is two hours in travel time. The Victoria Clipper Ferry runs between downtown Seattle and downtown Victoria. This little ferry is only available to pedestrians and does not accommodate cars. It also leaves twice a day and it takes about two hours and forty five minutes on the water.

Driving from Northern Vancouver Island is fairly straight forward, since you will basically get yourself onto the highway (heading South) which runs the length of Vancouver Island, and when you come to the end, you will have arrived in downtown Victoria.

Have you ever been to Victoria? Doesn’t it sound like a wonderful place to visit? Living in Victoria, it may be a biased opinion, but it really is one of the greatest places to live and visit. If you don’t believe me, ask one of the other 83,000 friendly occupants of the city.

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