As Tall Ship Thane raises anchor and sails off into the sunset, the masts of a new tall ship comes into view on the horizon, silhouetted by the glowing Olympic mountains.

After 5 productive years as Captain and owner of Victoria’s Three Hour Sail, Rob McAllum has decided to retire. He plans to spend his retirement years sailing his beautiful tall ship, Thane, through Desolation Sound.

Rob has left the company in the capable hands of fellow sailors and experienced tour operators Mike and Manon Hobbis.

Mike and Manon have managed their own ecotourism company,The Natural Coast, since 2002.  Their ship, Duen, a 70 ft gaff-rigged ketch, has been providing the couple with a platform for adventure tourism since they purchased it in 1978. The ship has taken them on adventures all over the world, but their favourite place on earth to explore is right here in British Columbia.

Mike and Manon are very excited to offer their ship as a platform for Three Hour Sail tours in the Inner Harbour. The company will continue to provide two three-hour sails per day, as well as one evening cruise. These tours are family friendly, wheelchair accessible, and open to everyone. The ship is Transport Canada certified to carry 25 passengers and crew.

The ship has recently undergone some upgrades to make it more comfortable, adaptable and environmentally friendly. It is equipped with the latest navigation and safety technology, including life rafts, PFDs, and fire extinguishing systems.

The 2018 season for Three Hour Sail will begin on Saturday, June 16th, and run until September 7th, with sails running Wednesday through Sunday. Mike, Manon and the rest of the crew are very pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of the Inner Harbour tourism community, and look forward to many beautiful days of sailing off the coast of Victoria.