Sailing on BC’s West Coast

The rumors are true: the west coast of British Columbia truly is home to some of the most incredible outdoor landscapes in the world.

While cars and trains are a great way to see the interior of the province, there really is no better way to take in the beauty of the coast than from the comfort of a boat or ship.

Here are some of our favourite sailing stops within this lush province of ours.

Fisgard Lighthouse

Built by the British in 1860, this national historic landmark was the first lighthouse built on British Columbia’s west coast.  The light within has been automated since 1929, but this lovely piece of red and white brick and mortar house remains an absolute piece of BC history.

Witty’s Lagoon

This national park is rich with both national and cultural BC history.  The lagoon is formed where fresh and salt water meet, and is home to many natural environments, from tide pools to birds and environmentally protected plant life.

Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park

Located near the mouth of Knight Inlet, this provincial land is BC’s largest marine park.  This cluster of islands offer many different types of water landscapes, from sheltered waters to anchorages and waterfalls.  If you visit this park, remember to Leave No Trace behind.

Great Bear Rainforest

Did you know that BC is home to the planet’s largest intact temperate rainforest?  It’s true!  Great Bear Rainforest still exists almost exactly as it did thousands of years ago – and it made National Geographic’s “Best Trips” list because of it.

Where are your favourite places to visit on BC’s coast?

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