Our Services
What are your rates?

Our price rates for the 2019 season are:

  • Adults: $95 + 5% GST = $99.75 CAD
  • Seniors and students (13+): $85 + 5% GST = $89.25 CAD 
  • Kids (4-12): $80 + 5% GST = $84.00 CAD
  • Kids under 3: Free of charge

1 ½ hour Sunset Evening Cruise (departing at 7:30 pm June and July, subject to change near fall):

  • Adult: $75 + 5% GST = $78.75 CAD
  • Seniors and students (13+): $65 + 5% GST = $68.25 CAD
  • Kids (4-12): $60 + 5% GST = $63.00 CAD
  • Kids under 3: Free of charge
What dates and times do you operate?

Our season begins on June 15th and runs until October 11th.


Our Three Hour sails depart at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm daily.

Our evening sails depart at 7:30 pm in June and July, and 7:00 pm in August as the sunset time changes.

We are available for charters and events, so not every date and time is available to the public.


What are your departure times?

3 Hour Sails depart at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm daily.

The Sunset Evening Harbour Cruise departs at:

June 15 – 30th: 7:30-9:00pm

July 1st – Canada Day event

July 2nd – 31st : 7:30-9:00pm

August 1st – 15th: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

August 16th – 31st: 6:30pm – 8:00 pm

September 1st – 10th: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Departure times may vary due to weather or special events.

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to departure.

Where are you located?

We are located at the Inner Harbour Marina. Our boat is positioned  at ‘A’ dock, across the street from the Fairmont Empress Hotel, below Government Street on the Inner Causeway. 

If you are travelling along Government Street, look for a statue of Captain Cook on the harbour side of the street. There are two sets of stairs that lead down to the Inner Causeway, where our signs are located near the entrance to the marina. Your first mate will be waiting for you there 15 minutes before the time of your departure. 

The address to input on an online map service is:

780 Government St Victoria, BC Canada.

What services do you offer?

We are proud to offer relaxing marine adventures aboard our classic Tall Ship Duen of Victoria.

We offer 3 hour sails and a 1.5 hour evening cruises from June 15-September 7th. Private Charters are also available upon request.

Duen is Transport Canada Certified to carry up to 24 day passengers along the Coast of British Columbia. We have operated tours without incident since 2000.

Our price rates for the season are:

  • Adults: $95 + 5% GST = $99.75 CAD
  • Seniors and students (13+): $85 + 5% GST = $89.25 CAD 
  • Kids (4-12): $80 + 5% GST = $84.00 CAD
  • Kids under 3: Free of charge

1 ½ hour Evening Cruise (departing at 7:30 pm):

  • Adult: $75 + 5% GST = $78.75 CAD
  • Seniors and students (13+): $65 + 5% GST = $68.25 CAD
  • Kids (4-12): $60 + 5% GST = $63.00 CAD
  • Kids under 3: Free of charge

Guests are encouraged to bring along a picnic. All ages and abilities are welcome aboard. Alcohol is permitted, however this is not a booze cruise. We do not serve alcohol aboard, and we reserve the discretion to refuse service to guests appearing intoxicated.

We provide light refreshments and water on board. Payment for our tours is taken at the end of your sail. We accept payment through Debit or Credit Card.

Do you offer trips that include special events?
Many great special events happen in Victoria and we get in on the excitement. The Swiftsure Yacht Race, Canada Day and Symphony Splash are examples of special events we participate in yearly.

Calendar of special events

Do you have gift certificates?
We are not offering gift certificates this season. Pre-payment for our sails can be arranged by contacting us at threehoursail@gmail.com.
What is your eco-tourism certification about?
We are dedicated to a low environmental footprint. We have Green Tourism Canada Gold Certification – their highest level of certification. Our eco-tourism features / activities include:

  • Built with > 95% recycled and salvaged materials. What couldn’t be found was purchased with money from recycling scrap metals and bottlesTall Ship Duen is fully self-contained and can operate the season without access to an external power source.
  • We have an aft solar array.
  • Use less fuel in an entire season than one whale watching tour
  • LED lights and a low flush toilet
  • We provide reusable utensils, glasses and plates
  • We recycle all of our guests plastics, paper and drink containers and compost leftover food

Green Tourism Canada Gold Certificate Logo

Are you associated with any tourism associations?
We are proud members of Tourism Victoria and Super, Natural British Columbia (Destination BC)


Do you have life jackets?
Thane is Transport Canada certified so we a full compliment of life jackets. We also carry Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) and encourage all children to wear them. They can also be used by adults.
What other safety equipment in onboard?
Our critical safety equipment:

  • Covered self-inflating life raft for 25 persons
  • Full compliment of certified life jackets and optional personal floatation devices for children
  • Fire fighting and pumping equipment
  • Computerized navigation system, radar, DSC VHF Radio, and cell phones in case of emergency
  • Flares and sounders
Is it safe, fun and comfortable for infants? Pregnant women? Seniors?

This is dependent on the circumstance and individual. We don’t suggest sailing while more than six months pregnant, as there can be unexpected motion on board. Young children are welcome aboard as long as they are accompanied by caring and attentive adults, and have the appropriately sized life jacket to wear while sailing. 

Those with limited mobility are welcome aboard! We will do our best to accommodate your circumstances upon our ship. There are plenty of comfortable spots around the ship to sit, and taking part in the sail activity is only by choice. 

 It is best to mention your special circumstances when booking so we can provide the appropriate accommodation.

Are you wheelchair accessible?
This depends on the size of the wheelchair. We can accommodate most chairs on deck and often transfer the passenger to a comfortable seat aboard. The washroom is not wheelchair accessible.
Do you have safe storage for walkers, wheelchairs, baby carriages, etc?
Yes. It is also extremely safe on the dock. We have not yet had anything left on the departure deck go missing.
Is there a washroom / toilet onboard?

Yes. There are two washrooms aboard, with running hot and cold water and flush  marine toilets.

What clothes should we wear?
It is a good idea to dress in layers. It can be cool on the water even in July or August. We strongly recommend shoes over sandals as they keep feet warm. We ask that your footwear have no metal buckles or clips as they damage the woodwork.
What about seasickness?
Seasickness does happen, but is very uncommon on Duen. The ship is wooden and very stable.

We are always within visual range of the shoreline, which makes it easy for guests to keep an eye on the horizon. We also only go out in comfortable and enjoyable conditions- usually with wind blowing at between 10-20 knots.

If sea sickness is something you’re very concerned with, we might suggest trying a 1.5 hour sail, as they are usually run in lower wind levels, with more time motoring than our three hour sails.

Should we take anti-seasickness pills before sailing?
You are welcome to do so if you will feel more comfortable. A drawback to using these medications is that they tend to make you drowsy. Please note that we are not legally able to provide these medications to guests.

As an alternative, we suggest you bring ginger ale, ginger cookies, ginger tea or ginger candies as these are effective at settling the queasy feeling people may experience when on the water.

If you are concerned about seasickness, it is best to arrive with plenty of rest, a full stomach and no alcohol. Ultimately, each person is different and will be affected differently.

Where will we sit?

It’s up to you! We urge guests to explore the vessel. There is outdoor and indoor seating.

The boat is very large and has a variety of seating arrangements. There are no designated seats and people tend to move around between the various areas.

Guests usually divide their time between sitting on the foredeck, riding the bowsprit, and exploring down below. There is also a comfy cushioned table under the boom, which is a great spot for your picnic!

What is the origin of the name Duen?
Duen, (Norwegian for “Dove”) is a classic heritage sailing vessel. She is a  traditional,  Norwegian-designed, Galeas gaff-rigged ketch, built in 1939 in Flekkefjord, Norway.

She is built of Norwegian pitch pine, constructed with 14cm (9″) sawn frames and double planked throughout the mid-section, making her truly a solid heritage vessel.

Duen is certified as a Passenger Carrying Vessel by Transport Canada and inspected annually.  She holds current certification to carry up to 25 guests on day sails and 16 guests on overnight expeditions.

All navigation and safety equipment onboard Duen exceed Canadian Marine Safety requirements.

History of Duen

1939 – 1969: Duen was originally built as a fishing vessel in Flekkefjord, Norway. She was designed using Pitch Pine and Oak wood, and was used as a fishing vessel for 30 years off the coasts of Iceland and Norway.

1941 – WWII  Duen was one of the many fishing vessels involved in the ‘Shetland Bus’ which transported to the Shetland Islands Norwegian scientist escaping German-occupied Norway

1971- Duen was purchased by an adventurous American couple, Dottie and Albert Fletcher, who saw the offshore potential in the full keel of Duen.

The Fletchers converted and redesigned Duen to create a loftier and more graceful sail plan. After the conversion, the couple set sail on a fifteen-year world tour. 

The couple completed circumnavigation of the earth, as well as two South Pacific journeys, all without electronic aids (except for an old “Simrad” paper depth sounder and a trusted traditional “sextant”).

Jimmy Cornell, author of “Ocean Passages of the World”,dedicated his book to the Fletchers and their incredible journeys aboard Duen.

1986- Under the careful supervision of new owners, Michael and Manon Hobbis, Duen was again renovated and equipped with a full range of new navigational and safety equipment to meet Transport Canada safety requirements. Michael and Manon began sailing Duen with students as part of a youth training program in New York Harbour for the Liberty Day Celebration.     

1988– After two amazing years of sailing along the North East Atlantic coastline and through the Caribbean, Michael and Manon made the long journey back to their home waters in the Pacific Northwest.  

They sailed the Eastern seaboard, through Panama Canal and back to the beautiful British Columbia coast via the Galapagos Islands and Hawaii. Duen had once more proved herself a solid offshore vessel. 

1990-Duen  received Canadian passenger carrying certification for the entire British Columbia coastline.

 1993–  Duen’s interior was completely renovated to create private accommodations, consisting of 4 double or twin cabins, with skylights and porthole in each. A new electrical system and water tanks were added to the vessel.

1990 – 1997-Duenwas recruited to take part in the “Coastwatch” marine environmental program at Lester B. Pearson United World College. 

The program allowed students from all over the world, as well as curious explorers from the local community, the opportunity to participate in activies related to local environmental conservation.

1999-2000: A new pilothouse is added to the deck of the ship.

Michael and Manon decide to partner with local sailor and former police officer Martin Pepper to create an educational sail expedition company. The company, known as S.E.A. Programs (Sailing Educational Adventures), offers five day sailing programs to students between the ages of 12-15. Duen is still used as a school ship from March-June and September-October every year.

2002: Mike and Manon begin their own ecotourism company, “The Natural Coast”.  They began running summer sailing charters along the Northern Coast of B.C. Their unique charters allow guests to explore the unique and untouched beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest and the Queen Charlotte Islands. 

2018: Mike and Manon purchased the Three Hour Sail name and company from former Captain Rob McAllum. They are excited to begin a new chapter in Duen‘s many adventures, and offer a unique and eco-friendly way to appreciate the raw natural beauty of the B.C. coast. 


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