Cruising into summer!

boat out of water for maintenanceAs we approach a summer season in Victoria the Duen is hard at work finishing off her last ten days of student excursions in the southern gulf islands. The Calgary school board has bounced back from the COVID era and is sending students on 5 day excursions in the southern gulf islands aboard the Duen. The Duen is currently completing her last two outings and is scheduled to be “on the hard” from the 11th to the 18th of June. When the Duen is out of the water the hull is given a thorough inspection below the water line: cleaning, repaint and re varnish.

All systems are checked so that it's ready for the coming season. The Duen will be installed at her familiar downtown location on the 21st of June, just in time for large charter on the 22nd. To kick off the season we will host an open house on Sunday June 23rd from 10:30 till 1:00 when all are welcome to come aboard and see the ship in the dock just before we start our summer season.